New to westcoast and wanting to connect with community

Hey just moved to the west coast on the Wednesday before lockdown am based in ross and was wanting to get into prospecting and search for gold and possibly even looking into it as a way to earn a living, and help/tips advice is much appreciated

There is a public area at Whataroa upstream from the main bridge or get permission from a claim owner at Ross

hi I used to live in Reefton and did a lot of work and prospecting at Ross, your certainly in a good spot for gold, jones creek would be a good place to start , take your pan and go from there , theres good gold up the totara , and most the creeks down south , just make sure there not claimed, if Doc hassle you tell them I said it would be fine and go find something better to do lol, you live in paradise , say hi to Brownie if your in the pub

Thanks guys much appreciated would love to meet up with like minded people