New to paydirt, central Otago miner looking for a claim to buy into work or dive for


I’m a local arrowtown guy whose taken to mining the pubic area quite seriously for the past few years, (with only hand tools)

I’m looking to buy into a claim somewhere in the region or work someone’s over the weekends, with hand tools or dredging I have inherited a small dredge that I am working on getting running again,
Really just want to be out there doing it!

I Am also interested in doing some diving on claims if anyone would be interested in letting me, I do a lot of free diving out at sea for crays ect and would love to do the same to find gold

If anyone knows anyone who could help me out or point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it,


Hi Ben, I am not saying this was you but someone was seen using a little dredge in the area of the Arrow River between the two walk bridges in Arrowtown. This area is either on the very lower limit of the Recreational Public Fossicking area in which case no motorised equipment should be used, or is the very top end of Tony Sew Hoy’s claim. I doubts very much that it was him but he may have given someone permission. Just saying.

Good luck out there

JW :slight_smile:

Hey kiwijw

In the arrow I’m only using my wee a52 sluice in the public area above the first walk bridge, which is the end of public fossicking, I keep an eye out for dredgers and do let them know, haven’t seen anyone down there with one since last Xmas where once told he packed up and left, so no wasn’t me,
Thanks for the heads up I’ll keep an eye out!

Before I get to far I have 2 questions,

How much time are you looking to spend on a claim over the summer,

and 2,
What are you looking to pay for the use.

Most people are not going to let you on there claim unless you have public liability insurance. So your looking at $1000 for that. Claim owners pay a pretty good fee to the Gov for there claim fees, so anyone looking to get onto someone’s claim and find some gold better expect to be paying more then the insurance is going to cost.

I may be willing to do a one time only deal to let you use some of my claim for the summer. Its remote, you can’t be a pussy, I am not helping you move a pebble, and I am not working on a percentage of what you find. Its a flat fee, if you can’t find the gold that’s your problem.

I will make you sign a paper saying… if your on my claim when not permitted, you give me the right to shoot first, ask questions later. And there will be no need for questions later.

Just to make sure we are both on the same page.

If your still interested get back to me.


Great pitch GoldStampX…lol:grinning:

I like a good shot out. ill bring my 45/70 it only has an accurate range of 100m so gives you a sporting chance . nothing like a good gun fight at the ok corral. pity its so far


I will give ya a call when I catch a poacher. Nothing says “Good times” like watching someone try to run up cliff faces to stay out of the freezing cold water, while shots are popping off like 12 year olds on guy fawkes with the $200 combo box from the whorehouse(wearhouse)

Its also about 30km of gravel road you would have to drive down to get the F*ck outta the bush afterwards. That’s leaves about an extra hour of good times before they could make it to cell phone service to call someone who might care enough to help them. And then, if there lucky enough to make it to cell service, there is another 30km of road to drive down that has several hunter type people I associate with that could help slow any progress towards help.

Good thing about dredging. There is always holes that need to be filled in to comply with the mining act.

So anyone looking for a claim to work?


Awesome reponses! Keith I’ve got a hand load for my .45-70 that will launch a 350 grain pill at 2050fps accurate to 200m, problem is you’ll probably feel it more than anything you care to shoot at. PM me if you want it.

Come on guys… that can be fatal without and without warning… I always start a little softer… two 12G cartridges with coarse salt at 25m usually does the trick…

Hey bro
Happy to help shoot me a message . I’ve got a claim near St Bathans not far from Alex. If your keen we can details such as fees, bond payable and rules.


Hey prich385… I would be keen to do some dredging on your claim?

Have you got a claim I be keen to give my dredge a turn of your claim