New to metal detecting ,what to buy

Hi guys had a long time interest in gold hunting but as we have no alluvial gold in the north island i must accept that relic hunting is my best option. I want a detector that can do everything so to speak. Coins , relics , rings etc and suitable for beaches. Any suggestions? Cheers

The Minelab Equinox 800 is really worth considering.
You can see it here.


You could go for an el cheapo from trademe just to get yourself started.
Find out where you enjoy detecting - beach, water, land.
You may want a waterproof detector, also if you plan on going hard in the rain.
Some detectors are better at dealing with salty conditions & blacksand. You may also get a sand scoop (someone on here sells them).
You may want to bash through some scrub, some parks are overgrown now days hiding the best loot - for that you’ll want a smaller coil.
You’ll also want to consider getting a pointer, you can get by without one & some detectors have them built into the coil.

Who sells sand scoops I’m keen on one

eBay, think some good ones out of Eastern Europe from memory

Trade Me Listing #: 1724160692


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Any suggestions people? Missed out on a garret at gold and see xterra 705s for sale but not sure what to go for. Thanks

hi i run a AT gold as a coin treasure detector its great
but can mot find gold nuggets,still a good machine

The Minelab 705 has been very popular over the years Matto1234 as it has a built in Gold mode and waterproof coil.


Hi Matt,
if you’re not into detecting natural gold (alluvial or specimens) then the Equinox 600 is probably one of the better options. Check out our range here or give me a call.

Specimen gold is possible in the coromandel where i frequent so i would like that option if possible. I can only really afford to purchase a second hand unit. Thanks! Matt

This could be a tricky one because a good second hand unit could cost thousands if you are considering a model like an SDC 2300 or GPX 4500 which are really designed for gold/prospecting. But if you are on a limited budget why not consider a X-Terra 705 which is also great for coin shooting.