New talisman gold mine

Hi guys, just wandered if there is anyone else on here in particular that has brought shares in the new talisman gold mine? The level of gold per ton that has been sampled is amongst the highest I have ever heard of and is ready for refining now.
I don’t know much about the history of Hauraki gold fields but these guys have hit the spot by the sounds of it!

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I held a decent amount years ago, and sold out. My view was the political environment in NZ is far too higher risk for my risk profile. I prefer better risk v good gold upside and bought EAR, IRC, GOR or GXY for lithium and TLG for graphite/graphene on the ASX. Depsite recent downturns these have all been good buys whereas the hippies and the Government will make Heritage/New Talisman a tough ask

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Nope, but I know a bit about it, used to live nearby and work in that industry. Also have links to some of the old no-mining “Watchdogs” of the 80’s-90’s now somewhat reactivated to fend off any more mining on the Coromandel. Quite ironic how many of their offspring ended up working in extraction industries! Haven’t looked at Heritage/New Talisman in a few years but last I saw their scheme hinges on the nearby Waihi Gold Mine continuing to operate with excess capacity in their processing plant.

Karangahake mountain was stoped extensively, pretty much cleft in half along the Crown reef, and others, but they inevitably missed relatively ‘small’ shoots of excellent grade ore, and left them reasonably accessible. They already pulled out over 100 tons of gold from that mountain, over 4 MILLION ounces. There’s surely material quite suitable for trucking 20km for a tidy profit, but probably not worth the fight of trying to build their own plant nearby, so ultimately I’d call it very risky with great potential.