New Season "A Golden Start"


Awesome video and the gold

That’s a great video, thanks

Awesome Vid thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

great video but it would have been good to know the final total

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Nice vid you have some good gear , questions though , have you tried more angle on the centre sluice or more flow ? 1 of the two would be an improvement I can see there is a lot of black sand but drastic times call for drastic measures don’t be afraid to put more angle on there , as it stands you basically don’t have a centre sluice you have a large classifier ,you may find its more beneficial to actually raze the top of the sluice vs moving it back , try lifting it an inch or 2 ,are you running the engines at a good 3/4 rev,s ?
just some thoughts don’t mean to boohoo your operation just bouncing some ideas.
Good luck.

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