New Political Party?


Tourist Entrance Tax $80
Proceeds go to Doc, and Rural Regions (eg no major cities)
To help with community projects & Tourism Attractions.

Free Internet for all
(same as the old free local calls)

$100 Miner Right(photo ID card) (for a select region only, multiple purchases can be obtained).
Limited to Hand driven Sluice, Pan, Metal Detector.
Duration: 12 Months

North Island
West Coast
Stewart Island

Of coarse there would be more policies, but what do you think about these?


Yes ,interesting concept…should be $200 pp tourist tax though,funds going towards improving facilities in rural camping grounds and reserves and better roading/parking/tracks/toilets in tourist areas and would reduce environmental impact 1.3 million tourists x $500 = 260 million per year should do it.Because all our beautiful areas and under a lot of pressure from so many tourists.(south Island)

Yes Miner rights to fossick in any DOC area or reserve,maybe a half day course on do’s and don’t and how to minimize damage to environment.(12 months)

Fibre to whole country.Yep reverse urbanization!

Build a wall over bombay hills …just kidding.

Bring in bounty on pests instead of 1080,just bring in tails of rats,stout,ferrets,wild cats,possums etc…$25 per tail.

Yep sounds good to me!!



Reverse Urbanisation, yeah that is something I didn’t think about - people can work from home more and more now days with good internet.
It would help Farmers and the like.

That wall is a good idea, but how about we build it around Hamilton and throw all the ferals in there?

The bounty is bad - there already is a price for possum fur.
Just complete erradication - put the beneficiaries to work 3 days a week, the other 4 days they can look for a real job - if they want.
One stage at a time, Fence off the far north - absolute erradication, and you move the fence down the country.
Rats and mice would stick around.
And at the same time get the majority of noxious weeds.
Have fines for anyone with noxious weeds on their property - implemented by a tax on local councils. But if they are found to be mostly weed free /possum free too - you wouldn’t believe how many are running around urban parks at 3am) they get a funding bonus.
Same for farmers - fines, but if they need help we send in weed removers (beneficiaries :grinning:).

As for mountain ranges - probably start there - ring fence them first.

Great idea - help keep the Aucklanders out.


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And we’ll change the MMP so single politicians cannot drag in 5 other MP’s with them.
How about that for reduced government ACT?

And we’ll have proper policing for Rural communities and Farmers.

And we’ll remove any criminals from regions permanently.
Along with locking up recividist criminals for good - they need to be taken out of society and the gene pool.

And give every “freedom camper” a plastic trowel on arrival and instructions for digging a shallow hole to take a crap in. It seems Every lookout and picnic spot is festooned with their excrement.
Also immediately mint $5, $10, $25 circulating coins in .925 silver.

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There would be a significant drop in ‘freedom campers’ - they’d probably head to Australia
I do like the coin idea.
But no silver (still a good find).
Perhaps implement a dozenal system.

There’d be no drunkeness allowed in the street either - that would really put the freedom campers - I mean poor tourists off.
And any place that ‘serves’ alcohol would by law not be allowed to let anyone leave in a drunken state - by that I mean obviously drunk. And they would have to let any drunk patrons inside - non more bouncers beating up drunks, for repeatedly trying to enter.
Many people will see this as nanny state or too authoritarian.
But imagine no more scary drunk people out on the streets, or vomiting, etc Imagine being able to go out at any hour on a saturday night and feel completely safe.
As for those drunks (even the ones the bars round up), we treat them for alcohol issues.
Freeing up the police for proper crime.

Oh and we’ll decriminalise marijuana - 5 plants each (20 seedlings)
Dealers still charged as usual (anyone with more than 5 plants or 5 grams dried)
Government will control the commercial sale - all profits are distributed back to every citizen - as an annual payment.
It will be illegal to have plants at a house that has children. And dried product will need to be secured.

We lock anyone with more than 20 convictions for good - that means forever.
So the police don’t have to deal with them ever again (and you never have to be robbed by the same guy again).
Victims never need to go to parole hearings ever again - just the once at the court case where they state on video how they feel about them ever being release again.
Take a tougher stance on breeding ferals that abuse their children or neglect their children - Mental care, or prison.

Now the Police will be completely free to focus on real criminals.

All profits from state owned enterprizes are distributed to new zealand citizens as a payout on an annual basis.
Because of this, we’ll need to restrict immigration. Make it more balanced, as in if we take in 5 Americans, we can’t take in any more until we have 5 immigrants from every other country. Obviously some countries have a very small population, so we will have a percentage system based on the max population.

There will be universal accommodation. (small plot of land 3x4m - cannot be owned, traded, rented or leased). There will be a few of these locations around the country - no more homelessness.
Begging & sleeping on the street will be illegal.
There will be better care for those with mental illnesses, and special accommodation too.

Abolish GST (implement more user pays)
As for Income Tax, here are the current rates
$0 – $14,000 10.5%
$14,001 – $48,000 17.5%
$48,001 – $70,000 30%
Over $70,000 33%

My new rates:
$0 – $20,000 0%
$20,001 – $48,000 20%
$48,001 – $70,000 33%
Over $70,000 35%

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you are definitely heading down the right track . got my vote some ideas are a bit out there but that’s how trump worked , had the out there ideas bugger he got into the office next thing he has to put his money where his mouth is.
don’t have any problems of drunks on the streets round hector
there is a tennis court down by the sea in hector. the other night there was 9 freedom campers 4 of which were not self contained, now if you ring the local council they are to busy to take action.
do we really get more money out of these tourist than what it cost us to clean up after them. there is a camping ground 10km up the road for $10 per night.

I’m quite interested in the policies you think are bad - once I install myself as Supreme Dictator I want to keep the people as happy as possible “free chocolate for all” [though every 6 months it will be less chocolaty and reduce imperceptably in size, and we’ll tell you it’s the same as it always was, and we’ll have proof too] - jokes. :smile:

Actually companies are already doing that to the chocolate & other junk food. Is that healthy?

I do want criticism, some things may need tweaking, or you may have seen an issue that would arrise that I cannot.

Here is a few more policies.

Non-violent Drug addicts will be treated for their drug problems, and not thrown in with common crooks (often addicts have mental conditions).
Serious criminals (the violent kind) will be fed low protein small meals - so they are unable to build muscle. I know it’s cruel, but it will be safer for all (prison guards & they won’t have the energy to escape). And they won’t have televisions, that’s for sure.

All criminals will have a debt - this compensation will go to their victims or the police or something - they will need to work while in prison.
I’m sick of seeing criminals that steal money then have it all written off because they are bankrupt or can’t pay. And they are over weight - put them on a treatmill so they can at the very least generate some electricity.

Also locking them up for longer will destroy the gang prospecting process of serving time in jail.
Prisoners will be kept separately - I see them playing guitars having a real laugh in prison - who knows what crimes they did, then they just get to hang out and party while in the University of Crime.

Can i suggest to fix the Auckland housing crisis any person or director of a family trust that owns more houses in Auckland than the family home and one investment property for their retirement gets put through a wood chipper for the crime of being greedy and profiteering off poverty.
The resulting mulch can be used to grow veges

Well, rebalancing immigration will have an effect. Lowering taxes for the lower classes will help them.

Capital gains tax is an option. The major issue is anything you do to house owners harms renters - they end up paying.

Things tend to balance themselves out.
When blue collar & low income workers struggle to afford accommodation and housing - they can’t stay.
Teachers are very hard to come by in auckland, there are just no affordable houses or even rentals.
Schools either have to pay them more, or Auckland will suffer - then people will move. This will lower the house prices.
Businesses will either pay cleaners and such higher wages or move to a city where there are cleaners at afffordable rates.
If there is a downturn in the economy, a construction crash, there will be morgagee sales, and workers will leave auckland.

A similar effect is happening in Qtown - they have to ship in workers daily from Cromwell due to no affordable accommodation.

If Auckland council intensifies it will make auckland ugly, you’ll get slum style crime and house prices will drop.

The “land for every new zealand citizen” policy will create little cities & economies - this will take people out of the overheated housing markets to some extent as well.

Yes some very interesting comments there guys.
As for the housing crisis we need to move into re locatable,stackable factory built modular housing units using prision labourers.
As a builder myself I feel we are still building houses the same old labour intensive way we were 50 years ago and it will take decades to plug the housing gap at this rate,spit em out by the thousands,where is our Kiwi number 8 wire get it done mentality gone!Oh yes buried in red tape I see!!
This way young families and those on lower incomes can get into a place at reasonable cost and not spent 25 years paying off the interest on a huge mortgage to the bank.Not council flats which turn into slums but practical designs,just need some Kiwi know how.
Not sure on big restrictions in immagration,NZ is still a pretty empty country we just need to be able to attract people to all areas of NZ not just Auckland!Most immigrants what to make a good go of it in NZ which is more than I can say for some bl…dy poeple!!
Yes legalize pot but increase funding for education for our kids for all drugs so they can make informed decisions for themselves,take a harder line on A class drugs such as P so to clearly distinguish between recreational C class and high addictive A class.
Make medical marijuana cheaper and more accessible to those who really need it but not just a smoke screen(get it) for recreational use like in Cali.
As for free campers well its a tricky one,I free camped around the world for many years and had a great time but took care to never have to go bush dumping,many towns had free or cheap camping facilities near by so you shouldn’t have to be rich to discover NZ.
I’m a firm believer in providing good facilities and if they still do it spot fine them,multiply offenses resulting in deportation.
Capital gains tax will only stifle development,raise rent and house prices,filling demand is the key.
Low tax rate to 100k a year,encourage everyone to work hard not penalize.Cost of living is so high now you need to be bring in 80k a year to raise a family…I know!
Yes harsher sentences for major crimes,put prisoners to work building upgraded prisons but provide better opportunities for Maori,pathways to trades,forestry,agriculture,conservation etc for all youth.
And 3 or 4 more Stat Days too so we can have more long weekends to get up in the hills chasing the yellow stuff!!

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If we cut the cook strait cable for a while and make the power cheap down south it will drive up the price of living up north and force people to move south giving us a boost in housing prices and then it frees up houses up their, be great to build that wall before it happens of course fencing in the otago gold feilds

The largest denomination coin could only be $6 - even that may not be possible, there would be too much counterfeiting.
Unless we made them of silver, hmm I guess that is an option. :grin:

Oh and the housing markets will cool due to money being redirected from major cities, to the rural towns.

Mal I totally agree with you on modular housing and tiny houses are a good idea too.

Oh 25 year mortgage, that’s normal. You don’t know the true meaning of mortgage - its debt to death. You haven’t heard of the “Life Time Mortgage” It’s all the rage in America and it will be on our shores shortly, that is 50 year mortgages - you’re basically only paying the interest, renting from the bank!

Less people means less crime and other social problems. I’d be a fan of caping nz’s population, though that would be a difficult thing to do.

Yep loads of drug education, drug testing kits and booths at concerts etc.
Any dealers or traffickers get harsher sentences. While (non-violent)addicts are taken to care facilities where they are treated for their addiction.
As for the education system, it needs a total overhaul - it was bad when I went through it, and it’s only gotten worse. There needs to be far more practical hands on skills, and especially apprenticeships (spelling?), work experience etc.

Fining them would be tricky, how do we know it’s their mess?
The problem with you being a freedom camper, is you are good. The majority are not.
Yes, I agree you shouldn’t be rich to visit new zealand, but these tourists are coming here on a shoestring budget. And if they have to save a bit more to visit, all the better for making our country a more desirable location.
I think there could be far more cheaper accommodation for tourists, and cheaper transport. I’m a big fan of rail (electric).
I’d treat this issue cautiously, the tourist entrance fee is a start, perhaps some fees for foreigners on the walking/hiking tracks too.
There needs to be a rebalance of use, and some way of funding extra care of our locations and infrastracture as well as improving facilities.

Our policy is to put all state assets into a Charity fund for every new zealand citizen (they get an annual pay out of profits)
We’ll buy Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter, NZ Steelmill at Glenbrook and other places to put them into this trust - to prevent other governments from flogging them off for a shortsighted funding boost for their own term in office.

As for difficulty raising a family, I’m a firm believer in one parent staying home to take care of children. Why should children be flogged off to early child care facilities. Or one partner or both should at the very least work only part time. And to do that we need to change taxes around children and working parents.

I’m a fan of prisoners (non violent etc) doing work outside of prison and gaining on job skills too.

I’d abolish Queens birthday (it’s not even on her birthday WTF!) We’d change the name.
Make most holidays into long weekends.
Abolish all religious holidays, but would simply call them something different, os religious people can still celebrate it.
There would be two major groups of holidays, a couple of winter ones - split so the ski fields are not swamped all in one week & just incase there is no snow as well :slight_smile: (for all the snow activities) and a summer one.

One last thing, restrict Christmas advertising and paraphernalia to no before November the 10th (I hate how they shove it in your face from October! It really dumbs it all down.

Not sure of the exact mineralisation of West Coast Coal, I think its a very high quality burning type that contains a high percentage of Germanium.
It could be burnt on site - with clean reprocessing, extracting Germanium $20/g
And other valuable elements such as Gallium, Indium.
The Heat & Electricity could be used to process local gold, and other industries.

Time for a tourist tax.

Well, well

Unfortunately, these tourists won’t pay spot fines. The rental companies will NEVER get rid of their rental vans/stationwagons, and there is no way they will be paying the fees of law breaking tourists.

This is totally fluff!