New Permit Map Implementation

Probably a bit techy for most but…

On December 3rd 2019 Google are retiring their Google Fusion Tables product that I employ for use on the Permit Map.

I’ve re-implemented the solution using Mapbox instead. The Permit Map functionality is slightly more limited now in it’s filtering functionality. You can now only filter for either All Gold Permits, Gold Fossicking Areas, or Gold Mining Permits. To see if the permit is currently active, being applied for, etc. you’ll now need to click on the permit to see it’s details.

There was a fair amount of work involved:

  • Permit Watch had to be changed to update data on Mapbox instead of Google Fusion Tables for the nightly data update process.
  • NZ Topo Map had to be updated in order to allow Mapbox data to be displayed on its map.
  • Paydirt had to be updated to link up to the new data source for the permit map.

Please let me know if you notice any issues with the new functionality.


Hi Gavin,
Thanks for your dedication.

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Its quite remarkable that you have put so many resources to check out this. I’d try Mapbox for sure though I loved that previous thingy.

I haven’t contributed to this yet but I have to say that is a very impressive, dedicated effort you put in for the benefit of others. I know I find it very useful.
Thank you.


Just a quick update… there was an issue showing permits on the map if a single permit had multiple separate areas (not just a single continuous area of coverage). Only one of the areas would be shown.

This is now fixed, so you might see a bit more red on the map now as there was a fair few permits affected.

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Noticed that . Found it very handy for contacting someone.

If anyone notices any other problems with the permit map, please let me know. Took me ages to notice the issue with ones that were missing some of their coverage areas! :wink: