New Minelab Detector

Hot off the press. Minelab have finally confirmed that their newest detector which will be launched in about 2 months will be called the GPX6000.


A bit more info. :pick:
Minelab GPX 6000 - Metal Detector Reviews -


Here you go, a little bit more info on this

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And some more.

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Doesn’t appear to take the multitude of coils that fit the GP & other GPX detectors. Only the two that have been made for it. The smaller coil is a mono & the bigger a DD. Minelab should probably have called it something else & not a GPX. So be aware that if you have an earlier GPX your coils are useless on this 6000. Just a heads up. Also it is not rated by Minelab as being better than the GPZ.

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