New Metal Detecting book

Hi guys
At present I’m reading a library book: The Metal Detecting Bible, by Brandon Neice. Copyright 2016, US. Has provided me with lots of good information. Could be worthwhile ordering a copy from your local library.


Cheers for the recommendation. Any tips that particularly stick out that are easy to share?

I’m pretty much a newbie, but there were good tips on where to search around an old house that had fallen down/been demolished, i.e. where the high traffic routes would have been from where the house stood to:

  • Clean water supply - for drinking, washing, etc
  • Privies - away from clean water source, downwind, downhill, look for depression in the ground, look for bushes planted to hide the smell (such as lavender)
  • Modes of transport, where did they keep their horses, etc
  • Clothesline - look for two trees about 20ft apart (amazing how much money left in clothes when washing them, so chance of finding money here)
  • Look for planted fruit trees, where people would go on a regular basis to pick fruit
  • Dump sites could often be some distance from where the house stood. Would need to search for this.
    Lots of technical info about the different types of detectors, different types of tools to use, how to clean finds, etc