New machine baptism of fire 1hr rain hunt

Took my new machine out, it was raining, wet sand, but there’s never any time like the present to learn the quirks of a new machine. It has a notable delay from the coil. I didn’t dig every beep as a result but learned this was a common observation after I returned. Spent an hour, and much of that, I learned, was spent digging off target and being confused and disappointed that I spent money on this, due to the observed delay. 40 cents spendable and what you can see…it was high tide, I just had to test it. Pleased with the portability and weight for what I have planned for it, I’m sure that I’ll learn its quirks and bond with it, I’m just not in that zone yet.
Considering reworking the broken machine as a home job project, once I determine which parts got salted up that is, anyone done this from schematics? I found the forum for such things.

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With the “notable delay” do you mean between the coil passing over a target and the sound in the headphones? What machine is it?


I don’t need to find mines, nuggets or freezers buried with weapons caches so I bought the go find 20 from mine lab, my neighbour is going to show me one I might upgrade to, but frankly, I paid for my last beginner one over eight times with finds, black being the better place to be, but I think it’s a product of the square head. It might be helpful if I could find a picture of the detection field for a square head. Finds copper a treat, here is my last 2.5 hours of bonding with it…with iron turned off, second level sensitivity, see how it found other metal in those oxidised lumps.
The spoon says Trenton s/s, looks like it’s had a bite out of it, desperate fish. The absence of spendable finds probably a product of winter more than the machine. I need to invest in a pin pointer if I’m to persevere, that might fix my issue.

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Even at second level sensitivity it is always pinging where I was hunting. I am still getting accustomed to the depth indicators, might have to bury some of my jewellery in plastic bags in the garden to practice and learn them. At the moment I miss my old cheap machine that did well for what it was, largely because i was used to where it was detecting (a circle) but it’s just learning the machine. I hope.

On the bright side, you’re lifting pulltabs - that puts you in the right place for gold. Swapping machines always takes time - When I change detectors for a particular hunt, it still takes me a good 15 minutes before I get back in tune with the different configuration and that’s after 30+years of waving them around.
Stick with it, and to pinpoint, try the ‘X’ method.
From experience, if you’re going to bury goodies to try the machine out - Tie a long piece of string to the item so if you do lose it (and it does happen :blush: ) then you can just follow it back to the ring or whatever. The other way is put the target on the ground and just lie a sealed bag of compost on top of it. Not as good, but still better than airtesting, and you can play games with multiple targets/iron interference etc…

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Maybe this is better in the long run, I just went over a playground I’ve done with ‘old trusty’ and found a 1946 sixpence.
The button says fxk air, I think it is recent.


Silver for the new toy…onto the gold :+1:

Good work, stick with your new machine you’ll get the hang of it.

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I hope so, I have plans in rugged terrain for it’s superior portability.