New guy ( Christchurch )

Hi fellow detector swingers got my first detector 2 months ago, happy with what I’ve found so far. I would love to meet up with some Christchurch detector swingers as I don’t know anyone else who does it. Here is an 1904 indian head penny I found this morning. Hh and Gl. P.s sorry if I posted in wrong tread.


A nice find - no great value but a marvellous find.

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Thanks, hoping to go for a beach hunt when wife gets back from work might find my first gold you never know. Going to a spot that coughed up a kids .925 ring last time.

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Go for it - he who stops searching will find no treasures but he who persists can only be rewarded…a wise saying by no less than ‘Me’


Awesome find regardless of value - I am sure there wont be too many out there who have dug a Indian Head over here - well dug :wink:


Thanks, yes don’t know if I will ever dig another will see. Had a hoover boys day dug an IHP had lunch, nap went back out and got bazingered. Lol

um…Hoover boys…bazingered…

I understand not what u are saying, perhaps we should meet up in person and you could teach me how to understand your dialect? I am a Christchurch detector swinger as described above.

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Hey Cosmo yeah I’m another chch digger, don’t really get out much these days but I’ve had many good years so can’t complain.

Looks like your doin really well especially the H/C not many of those left. Good luck out there.

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Sorry hoover boys is a you tube channel of American coin hunters. Bazinger refers to digging a washer. IHP being an indian head penny.

So, a meeting could be arranged if you would like. I’m happy to go detecting or talk for disturbing amounts of time about detecting, whichever you prefurr. Ii have 2 detectors and two pinpointers, but all cheap chinese stuff, nothing particularly flash.

Yer mate keen as, that dirty “w” word will keep me busy during week ( no not wife, work ). Got my feelers out for a permission and got a new lead today on an old dog track. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hi cosmocoinage, we met in Petrie Park a week ago. Hope you found something good that evening? Im looking for company as well but being a mid age old lady I’m probably not your first choice. Hope there will be some ladies out there keen to check out some places? I believe they have group hunts from time to time. I’ll have to check out this site more often. I love the buffalo head nickel, in good condition some are worth quite a few dollars.

Duh! I meant Indian head…lol

Thanks Millie. It just so happens I got a permission to dig a closed school. Got to visit the manager this Friday to sort out details, organized it for 2 people will try to make that 3 if your keen.

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Really? That would be neat. Thanks so much, I’d be really keen


Darn! I won’t be able to get away tomorrow after all. Have been reminded of another appt. could you keep me in mind for another time please, if you wouldnt mind? Thanks ‘new guy’

Anyone keen to on a mission asap?

That is an unusual find for NZ. Nice score just for that reason alone, regardless of value.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks found a few wheaties since but no
more Indians. HH&GL.

Although no great value the Indian Head cents are by far my favourite cent pieces. Some can be very valuable but 1904 was not one of the valuable years. The Indian Heads were minted for fifty years from 1859 to 1909. From 1859 to 1864 minted at Philadelphia mint and from 1864 to 1909 they were minted at Philadelphia and San Francisco. .950 copper and .050 tin…hmmm maybe the tin content is why you were tinny enough to get one out here in Kiwiland.