New and keen garrett a/t pro tips

Hi there
New to all this and having fun learning.
I have a second hand a/t pro and on most sites no problem
I am having problems at the beach with false beeps and signals. Any suggestions.
Many thanks in advance

Hi Soutz and welcome. Practically all single frequency machines will struggle in the wet salt sand and give false beeps and signals as you have found. It is the technology not you causing that annoying little feature. Your machine should be fine on land, dry sand and wet freshwater sand. One way of overcoming this issue is to use a simultaneous multi frequency machine such as the Minelab CTX3030, Equinox or even a trusty E Trac. However you will likely still find heaps with your Pro as many users on here have done and with experience you will no doubt be able to minimize the salt triggering issue. Happy hunting.

Cheers metal kiwi.
Looking at eventually a fully waterproof model for diving/travelling
What would you suggest?

In reverse order, I would suggest tracking down a second hand Excalibur 2 with aftermarket Anderson shaft for travelling, If you’re Scuba, there are few that match the belt & braces of the Excal. Caveat though, if you buy second hand, get the O Rings done before a dive.

Now, the ATP on salt sand. doable, but at I’m currently at work :shushing_face:, will send you a PM shortly.

Depends a bit on how deep you wish to dive.
As Mudwiggle says the Excalibur is excellent and will do 60 feet
if you are that keen but if not then the Equinox 800 is a good option down to 3 metres and a better land machine. You can also easily fit a short shaft for diving or hill work.


Welcome Soutz. Your AT Pro has been used at beaches with success by others past and present. Ground balance and have a play with your settings to get the least noise. You wont be able to cancel out hot rocks though. As to an underwater machine…that all depends on the maximum depth you want to go, weight and the $$$$ factor. Just to confuse this issue, do you want PI or VLF? The internet has a wealth of information when you get to the stage of narrowing down the unit that will suit you and what you want to search for …and to the degree you expect of a detector to achieve this. There are a number of capable underwater fresh or salt water machines…new and old. Happy hunting!

Great thanks 1943 penny today for a five minute wander