Nelson/Tasman gold fossicking areas?

Hi there. I’m an 18 year old newbie looking to start a new hobby with gold panning. I live in Motueka which is a small town about 30 minutes from Nelson in Tasman. I’ve been looking at the areas nearby where I can go do some gold panning and they’re 2 hours away. I dont mind driving out to them but was wondering if there’s anywhere asides from the public fosicking areas in my area that anybody knows of which are closer.
Thanks heaps for your responses :+1:t2:


There’s two spots here in golden bay should be an hour and a half from motueka if u go on a weekend msg me I might be off work and I can show you round :+1:

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Louis creek, must within reach. If you could get there, many people would guide you on to some good gold.

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there all a little way out from Nelson, make a weekend of it get into it.