Need contact details for claim owners

Hi All

I am wanting to get hold of the claim owners on Shotover starting at Arthurs point going up to Deep Creek any ideas? I cant find them in white pages etc.

Also I’m looking to buy a claim for a “mum and dad” type operation - nothing too expensive. We are based in Cromwell don’t mind traveling up to 2 hours to get there.

Oops, posted on wrong thread :beers:


its co-owned, one guy Nick in Dunedin and one guy in Otago somewhere. PM me early next week and I will get his number for you

Awesome thank you we realty appreciate it

Yeah big ask aye - Thought I would ask around anyway lol :slight_smile:

howdy, sorry, I had the claim downstream a couple in mind. the one you are after is Doug Jones and Russell Knight…someone out there may know them

Hey mate I did get a call the other week from a guy who mines the shot over, there is a claim up there that apparently will be open to shareholding ? If you want I can contact him for you and see what they want.


Sounds good - thanks for that

I’d be keen in info to mate