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Need advice for my paydirt

Got this coffee tin 3/4 full of dirt with tiny flakes of gold all throughout the black dirt from my grandpa’s workshop after he passed. im looking for advice what to do with it as a beginner or if there somewhere I can sell this?


I wouldn’t sell it, make a highbanker and run the material


If it looks like that all the way through there’s probably a lot of gold in there! A magnet might help you get rid of some of the black sand, but be careful as you might pick up a bit of gold also, so you’ll need to keep checking.


How would you recommend doing that? I have a strong microwave magnet, I was thinking about putting the magnet in a ziplock and catching all the iron on the outside of ziplock and removing the magnet to dump the iron in a tub


If you are a patient man try this.

Mix throughly with a spoon; take the spoon and scoop up a level spoonful and place in a plastic gold pan; I find a black three rib pan works just fine.Dan sells these. Place concentrates back into the jar and fill the tin pan with water and a little dishwash detergent. place in well lit area and go to work panning carefully I usually listen to a podcast etc.; perhaps using a magnet ( check your results carefully).
Once this is done as best you can put it aside and check the tin pan to see if you are losing any as you pan out.
Then dry the panned out concentrate in the empty tin pan. I use a gas cooker; careful not to let it get red hot as the gold will melt into the tin pan Once dried and cooled; place on a piece of A4 lined folscap ( Not print paper) . Gently blow off the light sand and maybe even use a magnet again. Weigh up your results and multiply…( guess ! how many spoonfuls you might have).
Yes; this is a bit tedious but it works just fine, is cheap and will be saleable to your gold buyer. Goodluck.


P.S If you live in Southland swing by and I will do a sample for you as you watch. I might even buy this from you…

What does the dish detergent do? I’ve heard this a few times during my brief research

Also I’m a looooooooong ways away from you, I live in mid-west United States


detergent makes the gold real shinny…and then the gold gets so shinny it starts floating and you just pick it of the surface …na pulling your leg it helps stop the gold floating and you use a small drop not much at all jet dry works the best rem small drop not to much…google it…!!

Dish detergent or similar reduces the natural film (viscosity ?) on water. You will have seen dust float on water, bits of gold will too, especially the fine gold you have. In the US there are plenty of companies that will buy or refine your gold haul at reasonable prices. Ask Jeff Williams (youtube); he is a fount of information.

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Hey mate I’d love to buy this off you to test my panning skills.If your interested in selling send me an email.
Cheers Josh