Need a helping eye

Is there any experienced Manawatu based prospectors keen to lend an eye and some advice on a day out?
I’ve moved from detecting to panning and found a spot that produces what appears to be very fine “flour” gold, and wanted a second opinion.

Welcome to post me a pinch of sediment, quarter teaspoons-worth, for a free XRF. Doesn’t have to be all yellows, but containing at least a couple of specks would make it easier to confirm. It’ll pick up non visible gold if it’s there.

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I’ll take you up on that, am going out tomorrow so will get a few good samples from different spots.
Thanks mate.

Any luck? I also found a few spots like this and would like to compare composition if possible.
Can you post a pic>

Unfortunately the one day a week I can actually get out it’s been chucking it down on each of the past three weeks so haven’t been able to get out to this spot as the waters have been too high.
Being the central North though I’m confident I’ll strike good weather again in approx… January :joy:

Sweet. Keen to help if I can also. Give a shout if you want a prospecting mate. cheers