Naughty Naughty - bad media exposure for detectorists

This article was included in my latest Archaeology reports which are sent to me weekly as a subscriber to Archaeological news and highlights the negative media attention to metal detecting through the thoughtless and indiscriminate actions of fools whose actions and behaviours will eventually bring about legislation to curb the hobby so that those responsible detectorists who always ask, always ensure that they are welcome to detect an area and who reinstate the ground so that no sign of their passing is evident will eventually be unable to find anywhere to detect other than on private land.

In my opinion this guy deserved all he got even though my question is ‘would we have detected there IF we thought we could get away with it?’ - the answer is probably YES!

It is also interesting to note that some three years ago in Auckland I saw a remarkable selection of cannon balls (total jealousy) and when I enquired where they came from I was told the source and one small pile of cannon ball pieces had come from the very site of this article - Ruapekapeka. Apparently in that case it was an American tourist who decided to go metal detecting, went to Ruapekapeka, found the cannon ball pieces and then on sold them.

This bad exposure though is going to impact on us all eventually and indicates that as metal detectorists we should always be responsible, Sadly this galoot is going to cost us all when eventually legislation will be introduced to prevent us indulging in a fun and worthwhile hobby. It doesnt alter the fact though that I am jealous of what he found!


I’ve been there a few times…there’s never anyone else about. The place is infested with doc signage regarding it’s history; only a dimwit would think it was ok to do bit of digging in that place…and he never filled in his holes either. He got what he deserved i guess. If you’re in the north, put it on your bucket list. The fortifications and trenches Kawhiti built were replicated in ww1.

Unfilled holes are what puts our hobby in dispute. I don’t understand how difficult it is to fill in a bloody hole. A lot easier than digging the bastard in the first place.
In my mind I feel that something recovered from a site is better than leaving it in the ground to just eventually rot away to nothing & be gone for ever. As long as the site is put back to how it was & not just left full of dig holes.
I detected an old gold miners hut site years ago in a DOC reserve area. No harm done by me & no one would have known when I walked away. I found a few bits & piece that other wise would be lost & eventually gone for ever. It is quite the feeling holding something that you have become the first to touch & see since it was last touched or used by who ever was the last. That in my case would have been well over 150 years ago. I will rat out some pics & put them up but right now I have to get on my bike & get up in those hills.

Good luck out there

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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