National policy statement for indigenous biodiversity

The Government has today released the proposed National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity, this will hurt the hell out of the majority of land based mining operations. You have a chance to read the documents and submit which closes on 14 March 2020.

The draft National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity and information about the consultation is available on the Ministry for the Environment’s website.
He kura koiora i hokia: a discussion document on a proposed National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity | Ministry for the Environment.

This document sets out significant natural areas (SNA) where land use such as new buildings, tracks, earthworks or mining will be effectively prohibited. It protects threatened species down to individuals, rather than communities. To illustrate, in Westland, all Crown land and 35% of privately owned land will be closed off to any development or mining. That means no new farm shed or no new house on 1/3 of privately owned land without a resource consent, an ecological assessment and the greenies being able to stick the knife into you.

If you have a land-based claim, you need to either read up and submit or get advice from a planning consultant on how to do this. If you don’t speak up, you will definately be screwed…

to illustrate, the areas in white in Westland are not considered SNAs, everywhere else mining etc will be history

we are all screwed on the coast any with the greenies. resource consent is just another way of generating money.
did you know that the greens want the west coast free from any humans or animals to resort back to what it was before we got here. hence the banning of mining and the wide spread use of 1080 to kill animals. it will be entry over the alps by permit only and walking. area patrolled by infrared motion detectors which launch drones to shot on site.

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bloody hell everythings being taken away, what happened to the good old days when you could drive down the beach have a few beers and shoot the crap out of the seals , only joking we walked


did you know if you shoot a seal you can pluck it and put the fur in with the possum to bulk it out , do the same with cats.
that’s the problem when you are a bad shot put the beer can on a rock miss it and hit the seal behind. the 45/70 slug goes right through and gets the greenie laying on the ground behind the seal taking its photo, some times it pays to be a bad shot

my mate shared a hut with a bunch of bird watchers that gave him shit about being a hunter so he packed up and headed to the next hut, when he was driving out he noticed them in the river bed with there spotting scopes watching a pair of parries , so he stopped out with the 30/06 and smoked one of the parries and drove out


that’s my sort of guy

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Yes just come back from the west coast and boy are they PISSED OFF… looks like they are organizing some major protests and I’m talking MAJOR…also talked to a DOC worker and he said they were thinking of closing Slab hut campsite because its not making them any money because a new free camping site has opened up in Reefton…so its all about money…WTF…think they… oh I mean she wants to ban all mining in all forms…by the way…Slab hut campsite is now over run by rats…dozens of them last night scratching around my tent!! one got a crieviousing tool to the head…lol!

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I didn’t realize it was put there to make money. perhaps they don’t make money because its a FREEdom camp area

Did ya not do a 1080 drop around your tent at Slab before turning in Mal?

Anyone aware of the new laws around environment protection for the Koala they want to introduce to NZ and how they might impact on us?
I’m a guessing they’re those rat eating ones they found out back.

It wont happen so no need to worry…

were you panning at slab hut mal or on a claim.

Yeah panned slab hut above campsite amongst the gravels the digger put on the banks when clearing a channel in the river…did ok…good fun!!

its one of the better public areas ive been to. hope to get back before winter and get my feet wet for a day or 2

Did someone above mention shooting seals? If you shoot at a seal and kill it then you would have sealed its fate.
Yes the treasonous puppets of the off shore bankers want 1080 to kill all introduced animules for two reasons 1) the most important reason is to kill an alternative food source so that you have to rely on the system for food which you will have to buy in a cashless society where every movement you make and thing you buy is monitored 2) the minor reason or excuse is to return NZ to its pre human inhabitation pristine environment - complete with poakai and mowers.

while working on a 1080 drop in the able tasman area I found a dead seal pup on the beach with all 1080 signs, was not allowed to report it . I was told if I say anything don’t come to work on monday

I was doing a possum monitor in Tennyson inlet after a 1080 drop I picked up some dead birds a couple of black birds a wood pidgeon and Weka I cut open there crops jam packed full of the barley from the 1080m pellets you could see the blue residue all thru there crops, I was asked by one of the doc guys to keep a look out for dead birds , so I put them in the freezer. they were sent to wellington toxicology, the tests came back saying the Weka died of cyanide poisoning, which was being used in area , and no other traces of poison were found in the other birds. funny that, I noticed doing pre monitors that more porks were present, when called back to do the post monitor , a distinct lack of them, my opinion is secondary poisoning from eating the dying mice and other stuff … not rocket science .


hi webby be careful what you say or you wont have a job. its always the same with doc they just cover every thing up . its like the rats on the beach its all forgotten now and that was just before xmas.
just talking the other day to a mate just turned 70 and we were saying we were pleased we are the age we are don’t have to care much longer.

hi keith . long out of the industry , well as you know as custodians of this planet we have failed miserably in most areas , and yes I can understand not caring much anymore its clearly never been about anyone giving a dam , rather rich fat cats greed

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yep … im not to sure what doc are trying to achieve. take the west coast: no mining or close to it on doc estate that includes coal and gold. letting tracks over grow. look out if they catch you recutting them. 1080 every where killing every thing that moves. (as you know) permits for this and that . it wont be long and the west coast will be closed for everything.