Narrative of the Discovery of the South-West Coast Gold-Fields 1868

By Reuben Waite…


Wow that is very interesting indeed!
Man the ole diggers had it tough, men starving when the supply boat was delayed and what an important role local maori played in all this.

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Wow! I was born in and still live in greymouth and have never known of any of this. What a great read. Thanks for putting it in here m8

Get hold of the book " Westland’s Golden Sixties" by
J Halket Millar. It’s a facinating history of gold discoveries. Reuben Waite features often in the book.
Incredible to read that they paid 300 quid for 7.5 million acres of the West Coast .

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Will do “goldsborough” thanks. I’ve been looking for a good read on our history here relating to the shinny stuff. As I’ve grown up there have been bits n pieces you hear of here n there but no real good info.
I grew up at lake brunner and that whole hohonou area has interested me and also kotuku as my dad lives just down the road from the old oil fields there and that has also had a fair amount of gold coming out of the area.