Mystery metal nugget? Meteorite?

Fossicking on beach first time using metal detector, I decided to check some rocky shoals that consisted of golf ball size or smaller rocks. Found this metal thing? Could be a melted piece of something? or something more interesting? Any suggestions welcome.
It is non-ferrous does not react to a magnet, it is 28mm x 38mm x 18mm thick weighing 15 grams.
It does seem softish (I can mark it with sharp object). Seems light for metal. Since pics taken I polished one end it becomes bright like silver, I rubbed the bright polish surface on paper on hard table it left a faint mark like a hard leaded pencil. It’s not corroded like Aluminum or Zinc.

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Could be a melted can that was thrown in a bonfire?

I did wonder that, and it could be, just no signs of corrosion as you might expect from aluminium in a saltwater environment.

Tumbling in and around the pebbles will keep the corrosion at bay. Your comment “Seems light for metal” is the opposite to what you would expect for a meteorite.

Looks like a can blob/chunk of outboard etc to me, I’m afraid. Possibly even the remains of a sacrificial zinc anode off a boat.

yep looks like that is the case

Apparently the meteorites wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago according to science. But in the bible the earth is only 6000 years old. Maybe this is proof??

not to shaw where in the bible it tells us the world is 6000 years old . could you please enlighten me?

The Pastor at my Church always adds his own numbers to make it more plausible

I think Creationists believe it’s around 6-10k years old

I heard that the bible says the Earth is 6000 years old or something like that…l think l learnt it when l did a Seventh Day Adventist study. I have studied many things including a very long detailed course in gynaecology. That particular course is on going and l am only interested in the practical ‘hands on’ part.
Anyway back to the story…l have no doubt that the bible is right…but hold on…whose day are we talking about. Ya gotta be awfully naive if it’s an Earth day after all we are not even a pee in an ocean and about as important as a mouse shit in the middle of the New York sewage pond. this might indicate that Big Boss upstairs wasnt talking about Earth time, that is one of our Earth days or Earth years and its a bit presumptious (or however you spell it) to think it refers to our time. It could be 6000 years of the planet ‘Magnetron Psycopsis’ which is one of the planets of the sun Megahotus in the Spadorcus Endymnius Galaxy. One day for that planet is actually 27 million Earth years. This would indicate that a bible day is actually 27 million times 60 what ever in hell the answer to that is.

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With all the evidence out there , It a LITTLE bit hard to respect people who doubt the existence of the Bible

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Oh who here is doubting it? I saw a copy for sale in a shop the other day - I think it was the Catlic shop in the Octagon in Dunedin.

The bible certainly exists. Of that there is no doubt so I am not sure what you are getting at. Weather people believe what the bible says, that is a different story.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Agree, and believe which version, old or new. Apparently it was corrupted when reprinted from old to new. A bit like the treaty of Waitangi was corrupted in translation. Sorry this reply a bit late, covid bored .

Who is doubting what? I didnt say that I doubt the bible but I merely point out that a day as mentioned in the bible may not be an earth day and for people to think we are ‘the chosen ones’ and it is one of 'our; earth days is a bit presumptuous. A bibly day might be 27 million Earth years long.

I think a biblical day is not 24 hours but a period in time. it also says 1000 years with man is 1 day with god. I think my 24600 odd days on this flat disk is almost enough for me.

I know a few people that one hour in their company seems like a thousand…


I think you are referring to my first wife… that makes me over 254 million years old


The Bible doesn’t say the earth is 6000 years old, historians and theologians have researched the time line of the Bible and found that since creation till now around 6000 years have passed. I believe it, I also believe God sprinkled that shiny stuff across the earth for us to find and marvel at His creation :smile: not a religious man myself, however spending many a time in the great outdoors I have come to the understanding that all things have been created.

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