Mystery at Potters

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Walked in from Waikaia Bush road saddle 2.5 hours, didn’t find the outcrop but found William pits grave
died 20 June 1864. Still a mystery.

Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is the mystery?

I posted that screenshot from google earth. Surmised that the rocky out crop could be a quartz reef…a dusting of snow i guess. JW sent me some great pics of that location. Mystery solved i think. Cheers.

Nothing there but a Quartz reef maybe as mentioned… see nothing… say nothing…

Looking towards Potters Hut, the land form on the ridge line behind the huts, show no signs of the mentioned formattion.

That is snow on the edges/old faces of the diggings.

Not a nice place to be way up in there when the weather changes. Even in the middle of summer

Looking South Waikaia township on top of the given hill. No outcrops…

Looking West towards the mountains.

The grave. This area shows no outcrops.
NOTE: Road in from shingle creek very two large watercourses covering road needs to be drained into the watercourse.


Well that seems very mysterious

Anyways, there are enough reefs up that way (although not at Potters precisely) to go around for everyone. I know this is a generalised comment, but I’m not pulling it out of my ass either.

I can see a quartz outcrop in the grave itself. :joy:

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Just don’t start digging to see where it goes.

A wooden tombstone at Potters inscribed: ‘William Pitt, died 20 June 1864’ was recorded by Reverend Alexander Don when he visited in 1892. Today this grave marker has been removed to a museum and replaced by a quartz marker.