My Loot 7 lbs o' Yellow

I’ve had some good teachers.


that is amazing so may rings. I only have one and its broken got a crack in it
have a good christmas

Those are the hardest to find!

Keep up the good work, there may not be enough of this around at this rate. Well Done.

Fantastic! Any close up photo’s of the best/your favourites?

How’s that? My Russian Gangster Chain-.-5 1/2 ozs 14k, with 120 rocks appraised @ $30,000 CDN.

Also some PLAT about 6 ozs.–like I said–some good teachers-they taught me to-understand grades, sand textures, contours, strata,–staying off the overburden…and some luck.


Thanks. That’s amazing. The SIZE of those rocks. Platinum too, well done in deed. :ring:

good on yer .theres nothing like gold in the scoop,hope for more of the same…

ya, big heavy gold–try that mantra–visualize–it works!

rocks are fake–but believe me I’m working on it…

rocks on the rings fake chain real to clarify

WOW that is seriously impressive!!!
Mostly beach gold ?
Over what timeframe roughly did it take to unearth those beauties?
Thanks for sharing and have a fab Xmas all. :blush:

Id say about 90% water finds found with the Excal, Sovereign, CZ20,Dual Field, Baraccuda, Aquasearch…That’s abut 15 years of hard hunting and a lot of water up the nose…

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Great stuff very inspirational :+1:

By fake do you mean Zirconia? Because they are still great gems - and won’t burn up in a fire the way diamonds do. (Superior in my opinion).

I’ll keep that in mind–next massive hearbreaker…