My last few hunts / help me identify

Ok, I went out for few hunts one at the beach and two at old schools and this is the haul overall…
I got a nice 1943 half-crown and some nice shillings, my first Aussie thrup… and a few knick-knacks, including a blue pin. It says YCL, For God and Country, Be Strong,. ? I have no idea… anyone wanna take a swing at it…


YCL appears to be an acronym for the young communist league. I. Not so sure about your badge though, as it mentions God, that’s not too Marxist, maybe a Christian organisation. Other YCL definitions include a young champions league and youth cricket league.
Time for a single photo, reverse image search.

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Hope this helps - the easiest I have ever googled;-


I think yours will be the Young Catlick Leader one as thats New Zealand.

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Thanks, I don’t know why I couldnt find this…

Its a bit like the yellow pages advertisement - ‘You have to let your fingers do the walking’ - something I had no trouble with - could have got me into serious trouble which resulted in the need to pay child maintenance!

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