My gold from slab hut earlier in the week


That’s a good we haul . How many hours worth ?

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Probably about 8 hours 2 half day as it was f##king freezing and a few spot as i found it died out real fast and i would have to dig somewhere else still happy with it


Haha yep Slab hutt water at Winter is like ICE, our first big multi day prospecting trip was to slab hutt it was Mid winter straight after 2020 lockdown, you would have your hands in the water for more then 5 seconds and it would feel like they were burning it was so cold. Yeah generally seems to be either surface flood gold or bedrock gold there, very little in the middle layer usually.


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nice gold Goldensalmon - I can’t go past Slab Hutt without having a dig. Agree with Sluicer though - very cold in winter - I seem to always hit the flood gold so must look deeper for bedrock that Sluicer advises.

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Cheers yeah i have been to slab hut 3 times now and only getting flood gold to i actually find it quite hard going there to get onto the gold test pan the shit out of the place good luck with ur prospecting mate

Nice mate. Great wee haul indeed…:call_me_hand:

Yeah mate was happy with it hanging to get back over again good luck with ur prospecting :+1:

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