My first time (blush)

Ok…my cherry has been popped, and in a similar style to other recreational experiences of a first kind, it was all about ‘feeling’ my way through an auditory maze of grunts and squeals. Very satisfactory to put what I’ve watched on the net into real life though and great to put application to tutorials.
I have purchased the Deus XP by the way, and it’s a sweet machine, but what would I know.
Here is my first 'significant find amongst a dozen or so pull tabs and bottle caps. Ive no idea what it is but I’m assuming it’s some interior part from an older automobile???

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…oh well. Can’t seem to be able to drop image.

Is it X rated - no X rated stuff unless I am invited as tester and quality control officer. As for the pic if you have it in your computer or where ever then the seventh little icon above the box you write in shows a line with a phallic symbol pointing upward…click on it and then just upload and Bobs ya Uncle!

Very happy with this find. A Prussian war medal…still investigating it but it is silver.


I love it - in fact being a collector of such things I am very jellyarse - a wonderful find. Probably brought back by a WWI Serviceman as a souvenir. To me that medal is the best find I have seen on here yet.

.900 Silver and weight 7.50 grams and diameter 25mm
Should have a triangular black and white ribbon.

German warrior merit silver medal Prussia, 1872 version. The Warrior Merit Medal German: Krieger-Verdienst was a military decoration of Prussia. Established by Friedrich Wilhelm III, it was primarily awarded to troops not in Prussian service. The first recipients were members of the Imperial Guard grenadier company guarding the Russian imperial residence during Friedrich Whilhelm’s visit to St. Petersburg in 1835. The later version of the medal depicts the crowned cipher of King Wilhelm I on the obverse. The reverse is also inscribed KRIEGER VERDIENST and surrounded by a thicker laurel wreath than the early version. The medal is suspended by a ring suspension and hangs from the black with white stripes combatants ribbon.


Thanks for your response Lammerlaw. Exactly what I’ve read so far. I’ll do a more thorough investigation of this once I am back home. This medal was found in Nelson under a big old Douglas Fir.
My main concern is cleaning it up properly. (Unfortunately the ribbon was either not with the medal or as long since perished).

Awesome find ! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Now that is cool! And great first machine, I’d love a Deus.

Very nice.
I must say I got a bit confused when I saw the medal, thought you were based in Europe LOL.

Hi, from a fellow Deus hunter What a find (jealous) if you need any tips or help there is a great you tube channel devoted to us XP Deus users, Ive been detecting an old picnic spot for the last couple of years (many acres in size) and thought id found every thing including a gold sovereign, but after watching a couple of his you tube tutorials was able to use a deeper setting and now im finding a lot more silver and gold as well as an 1838 silver six pence that previously id not heard any signal from, hope this helps although it looks like your doing fine.

That is awesome. I reckon a lot of ‘souvenirs’ from the early combats have been brought back to NZ, only to be, shall we say, borrowed by children to show off to mates, only to be lost out of pockets while playing. I was perplexed by an 1800’s German navy button I found in a NZ city park, but am sure now this is how it came to be there. A medal though - WOW!


So far the Deus is as it is advitised. Easy to start up and go. As a complete novice I have nothing to go by other than my first 2 digs gave me;
1x 1957 NZ one penny KG VI
1x 1957 NZ one penny QE II
1x 1958 NZ one penny QE II
Krieger Verdienst medal
1x 1942 NZ six pence KG VI
1X 1943 Au three pence KG CO
2X 1936 3d three pence KG V
…and the obligatory crap that goes along with it.
This was using the Basic1 factory setting. I’ll move onto the deeper programs once I feel I am more familiar with the signal sounds and numbers.
I have watched all the Deus YouTube stuff including the English gentleman you are probably writing about.

I think that you are so right - kids took them to school and took them to show mates and they got lost - when I was a kid my grandfather gave me an attractive 1912 Drei Mark 9The Marks) silver coin which he had got in Germany when he went there as part of the Army of Occupation of the Rhine - I took it to show my class mates and instead of my half crown bus fare I accidently used it to pay my bus fare. When I told my mum she was a bit upset and photned the bus driver who lived down the end of our road and he looked through the fare money, found it and returned it to me!