My first gold pan

Yesterday I picked up my first gold pan and classifier, I decided I really wasn’t into plastic, so I wanted my equipment to be “ye olde timey” and therefore metal, and I had seen a lot of videos about the batea pan, and I had seen there was a local supplier in Christchurch.

Shoutout to Mark Sutton of Sutton Engineering you can find him on trademe

So I got a 415mm Dia 65mm deep batea pan and a 9mm classifier to match $25 for the pan and $24 for the classifier.

I also found a small pick (size of a rock hammer) that I liked

It used to be a welding slag hammer, I have cleaned it up and I think it will do fine.


Cool. Let us know how the batea pan works out for you. They are an age old design so must do the job well. I have been very tempted to buy one from trade me but my panning days are a thing of the past & besides, I already have a heap of pans & now a heap of detectors :roll_eyes:
Good luck out there.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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