My finds so far

Hi everyone, Ive had detector a couple of years but only been out a few times. These are my finds so far…a couple of silver 6d’s, 3d’s, an 1895 penny and couple of newer ones, lots of nickel coins, near $30 in spendies…

Three rings, only one silver… Lots of junk! Its a great hobby… I LOVE it but my back not thanking me!!


Not a bad haul for a couple of hunts,

Have probably been out about 10 times over that time. When I go out I don’t wanna go home lol

Three rings in a few trips is superb hunting.
Sure that middle ring is junk? Very similar to a common 1970’s design that were often 9ct… Depending on where you dig it, lower grades of gold can do wierd colours…

I have to figure out this site…sorry mudwiggle, I hadnt even seen your comment till now. No I think that middle ring is a cheapie. Looks to be brass. Ive tried to clean it but its not improved. I found it about 8 inches down in the middle of Linwood park. The junker on the right found very first day out on a Kaikoura beach and wee silver one in Hagley park

Thanks Chris. To be honest I thought I was pretty hopeless after seeing all the great finds you guys show. I guess its because I can’t really get my head around the settings on my machine, I basically turn it on and hope for the best. Ive got myself a new sand scoop but havent tried the beach yet as not sure how to set the Minelab to the right setting.

Don’t sweat it, the finds will come.
Remember we only show off the highlights, there’s a lot of bycatch behind the scenes…

What machine are you using?

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Yes have soon figured that out. Have read to expect 95% rubbish 5% good…lol So true. I have a Minelab xterra 705. I had it set on All Metal to start and was digging every target…the old back soon started complaining…so now have figured the numbers that are more likely something worth checking out. No doubt I’m missing some good stuff but had to limit the amount of times I was digging otherwise the body would give out!

Anyway its 1st time on the beach today for me. Will check out my new sand scoop. Have a light weight collapsible handle attached so will see how it goes

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