Murchsion goat hunting/panning

Hi all

Hi a mate and I are looking at heading to Murchison in about a month to do some looking around I know there are no public areas there and no way in hell do we go onto claims unless given permission just want to know if any claim holders would let us have a play on there claim with a pan and sluice or point us into the right direction also keen to do some goat hunting so any info on that would be great . Thanks for your time.

Regards Stuart

hi stuart
well you will get goats alright , try up the matiri valley and the west branch, make sure you get right up the valley past the farmers property . there are pigs there as well. not so many deer since the 1080 drop
I went for a walk today should have taken the rifle instead of the pan saw some goats just standing looking at me
give me a pm as I could let you know where there are some good spots just not going to broadcast it to everyone on the forum

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here is a pig from the matiri valley while I was stalking a roaring stag, should have taken the pig as the stag is still in the bush

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Hi Kiwikeith have sent you a private message

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