Murchison / lyal public areas

Hey all.

I spent an hour of so at the museum today and found some info on public fossicking sites that doc is trying to vanish.

So much so that the museum is banned from providing copies of the info.


Probably not be DOC managed sites. I have a feeling the Howard one is by the local council / similar and the Ariki Falls one is covered by a private claim under the name of Daniel Norman Walker. Maybe Daniel isn’t keen on the public poaching where as a previous claim owner might have been okay with it?

Wow looks like nothing is safe.

There are two public types of fossicking areas, crown land and council owned land.

Both can be granted and retracted and also claimed over removing public access.

These are the kind of laws we are working on changing through the outdoors party.


DoC and the government are clearly influenced by off shore influences who think they own this country. Gold is the one Internationally recognized commodity that will still exist when cash is wiped out and they can monitor and profile you through internet banking and buying…so the system does not want you owning gold. Just my thoughts for what they are worth.


This doesn’t sound right…Danny if anything has been extremely encouraging of kiwi’s to get out and have a pan on some of his claims refer thread “looking for somewhere me and my 12 year old to have a pan” he refered to a number of his claims where anyone can have go…more likely council or DOC to restrict access because of potential liabilities etc…what we need is more good sort claim owners to allow people to have a go…non motorized of course.


@Mal sorry, maybe shouldn’t have mentioned Danny by name in retrospect (just looked it up on the claims map and haven’t had any contact with him myself, so sorry Danny - nothing meant by it if you’re reading this). It was just a potential explanation to why the information wasn’t being freely given to @Luke_King by DOC as Danny’s claim isn’t really a public fossicking area and I don’t think it ever was. I don’t know the history though.

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Hi Danny Walker here Just confirming that everyone is welcome to go panning and sluicing on the mining and exploration permits held by me no motorized equipment though and you need to get permission from land owners to cross their land to get to the permit areas. Get out there and get prospecting there is gold to be got and the price is good and in my opinion there is no more enjoyable way to fill in some time or to make a few $ than finding some gold.


Thank you Danny.
You are a good man.

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Cheers Danny. Top man

My property is only a few minutes from the claims so if anyone needs a camp site please let me know.
Hunting wild animal is also available :wink:


hay Danny wot like get hold you and see a but have a look arand and dowing a vid or to the for my YouTube Chanel

Gezzz Jade, Can you decipher that a bit better so us mere mortals can understand it. Cheers mate :smile:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m still trying to. I tried the enigma code but it broke…:grin::grin::wink::wink:


would like to get hold of you and see a bit. have a look around and do a video for my utube channel. you need the 2020 enigma code luke. think you might still be operating on the 2019 version. :smiley: :smiley:


I think you are a bit late for that Jade. Some of Danny’s operations are already up on utube and have been for several years.

Hi Luke

I’d be keen to catch up do some gold panning hunting and camping at some stage if that be ok.


Hi musketballs, Jade has his own you tube channel. I think he was asking Danny if it would be ok for him to do some footage working on Danny’s claims. :slight_smile:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hi Danny. Spent a bit of time down the Falls with my late father in law and my wife’s uncle over the years. Awesome spot even when the river is in flood high up the banks. I am a member of the Marlborough Rock and Mineral Club and each Waitangi Day we, as well as the rest of Brayshaw Park have Heritage Day. One thing we offer kids for free is gold panning. Everyone gets to take a bit of gold to take home. And thank you, for allowing me to scratch around amongst the rocks and crevices for material, for the kids to pan. I usually go the weekend prior and hope to again next year. I am taking some members to Ariki Falls in November for our monthly outing. They are aware of your rules and will take my advice. And, more people to help me back up the blooooody sand bank. David

Gidday fella. Haven’t been on here a while so pleased to see you haven’t changed.

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Hi David

The Ariki Falls area is a good location to get a bit of colour what you take away always builds back up after a few good floods. Back in the 80s some guys using a 6" dredge were getting 3-4oz a day for awhile working into the sand bank.