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The white ‘crumbly’ could be weathered greensand/limestone or Taupo airfall ash. There are lenses of the Taupo ash exposed in the foreshore near Glenbrook and limestone just west of Pokeno.

Volcanic ash? Very usefull stuff if you wish to make concrete to an anchient recipie guaranteed to last for 2000 years. One can substitute ground up fired pottery, but it isn’t as good as the original volcanic ash.

Roman Concrete recipie
Volcanic ash or finely ground potsherds. (Silicatious material with large surface area)
Slaked lime (CaOH)
Agregate. Pumice may be used for reducing weight.


OOO, and i just re-read some wikipedia pages about clay and bentonite is the result of the weathering of air-fall volcanic ash.
So i am guessing that the white crumbly might be the bentonite. In considerable demand as it makes great cat litter, drilling mud, is used for improving the resistance of earthing connections in dry ground, used for improving the plasticity of kaolins for pottery, preventing leaks from toxic landfills, sealing earthworks against water leakage and used for absorbing water in all sorts of situations.

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More of the Creatures that slither out of my imagination whenever there is a piece of clay handy.
Yes, they disturb me a little too, but i suppose they are better out than in.

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When venturing onto land, eyeless cavesharks find a tricycle moist useful.

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now with bearings and hubcaps

A minimal tetrahedral 3d truss.

Judges ch 15, v15-16.

Judges 15:4

It’s probably been asked but do you sell your art…

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Well no, you are the first person to enquire.
These gargoyles only started recently when i dug up a lump of clay as detailed at the top of this thread. I have experimented with pottery before but the monsters started with this little fellow
who is called sarChasm

and just developed from there. I am intending to join a pottery club and proceed with firing and glazing the gargoyles and will sell them if can. Anyone who knows of a pottery club or potter with a kiln in Edgeware, central, or north central Christchurch please let me know.

Todays weird creature will be posted shortly right here…

If they were glazed and fired you have a winner in my eyes I have a mate who has a gallery that might be interested look forward to the next creation

Behold, the Pterifying Blobsterdile.

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Now you want to glaze and fire them and as Chris said they could be a real winner.

At least your idel hands do something worth while - mine tend to wander hence my wife wants a divorce!

Get yaself some clay LL would love to see what Yr warped mind would come up with :thinking:

Hard to say - probably my version of naked Madonas and Venus de Milo and grotesue effigies which only Edgar Allan Poe could conjure up.

My goodness the software zoom quality is interesting, is it not?


Batman and Boneman

My Trick Cyclist

Levigation, Elutration and Gargoyle creation
Have become my occupation

The other day the lawns whir moad, but Dan Deal Lions strike back, with beez on it.