Most popular Minelab machines for coin / relic detecting?

Just wondering what Minelab machines people are using / recommend for coin / relic hunting?

What are you running and are you happy with it / would recommend it?

I have only used the Excal which isn’t really terrestrial machine, although pinpoint and depth are good. 1,2 and 5 cent pieces come up from 40cm - haven’t really tried it in earnest on land though due to having the AT Pro.

There will certainly be better suited ML machines, although I dropped the Excal in for completeness.

i have had the Etrac for the last 2 years and love it, the only down side is that it goes to deep if your trying not to make a mess of the park. I also use it a lot on the beach where it dominants any vlf I have ever owned. love my etrac

Cheers guys. Not a lot of response so maybe the Minelabs aren’t a popular option? @Metalkiwi you got any insights on to what’s the most popular? I’ve seen a fair few X-terra 705’s being used for gold detecting. Are they popular for coin detecting too?

MW has covered the Excal and I haven’t given the Go Find a thorough workout to accurately comment on it.

I’m suprised the 30/30 hasn’t had a mention

The 505 and 705 X Terra’s are still popular Gavin . The Go finds launched as the 305 was discontinued. I used an E Trac for 5 years and found plenty of goodies before upgrading to a CTX 3030 last Easter. If anyone is looking for an all round excellent detector the CTX is hard to beat and the E Trac is still a good option too. Both those machines can hunt anywhere. Land and dry sand or wet sand and of course the 3030 can go underwater too.

As far as gold prospecting is concerned I have found the most popular to be the SDC 2300, the X Terra 705 and the GPZ 7000…They are all finding gold in NZ.

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Hi gavin,i use a minelab x-30 which ive had for nine years now,reliable and easy to use.For general land use its excellent,and gets down deep.In the wet sand with black sand content, no good.otherwise ive had a really good run out of this machine.Wont find nuggets or small gold,but on coins and silver its great.Also have a go find 60,but not that impressed to be honest,but I think the minelabs are generally very good.

Thanks for all the feedback guys - much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Ctx 3030. Best money I ever spent

I have a Excalibur and ctx 3030 both great machines.