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Most beautiful sight

hi there , I was driving down the street in omarama , I couldn’t help noticing the beautiful women looking very stunning going about there business, then suddenly I nearly crashed my truck there sitting quietly on a back street was the most beautiful creation I have ever laid eyes on , I just had to stop and admire her , I waited for several minutes hoping to spark up a conversation , but no one arrived , please tell who owns the beautiful gold dredge parked on black peak road on Friday, being a keen dredger myself id love to know more about her cheers Webby

don’t think you should go down that line .sounds like a gold digger


Was it blonde or brunette? Tread very carefully.:joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah …I always thought that dredges and woman have a lot in common…they both cost a lot in time and money…look amazing when you first get one and never suck when you really want them too…lol…oh shit hope I don’t get flagged for the last comment…haha

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you are getting as bad as kiwikeith with that last comment . keep it up. its all in the size and length of hose.

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a guy with a 5 inch who knows how to use it gets the job done a hell of a lot quicker than a guy with an 8 , and that means more time at the bar

Short & thick does the trick, Long & thin gets right in…to those crevices. :rofl::joy:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


Shared that one with the Mrs, got slapped for it​:grin::grin:

Would it be possible to share a picture please ?

ha dont most of us get out to the river for peace and quiet? Who the hell in their right mind would want a woman there!!! be as silly as taking your wife to the strippers or boys night… party pooper

wat happens if your wife is the stripper. to make it worse you didn’t even know what she did for her night job. BUGGER.

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id go pull money from her g banger and go buy a beer. then id go purchase a private session with a hotter stripper :rofl:

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Now you deserve a slap. :joy:

Gezzz, I dont mind taking my wife to the river. She is good on the box…sluice box…shoveling, stacking rocks etc & making smoko’s. Not all women are nags. Well mines not. She even back fills my detecting holes for me. Got to be happy with that.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

there is always room for a good wife to help drag the dredge up the gorge. not so good when you are 10 feet under and she turns the motor off to tell you to get out and have a coffee


Can i borrow your wife, i seem to have misplaced mine ?

tried looking under that large rock with the foot coming out from under???
2 things one dosnt loan out chainsaws and wifes.

even comes in handy when clearing trees off the road………
eat your heart out

Did i say misplaced? i meant mislaid.

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