Morning hunt Whananaki north

A few bits and bobs from the beach


Whats the large square thing?
Little lock is pretty cool.

It’s a cigarette lighter

Cool finds Chris, what a neat location.


i can smell the gold on that beach from here!!!

Good stuff Chris! Always pulling a good variety of finds. Keeps it interesting :+1:

Me to just couldn’t find it the ace 250 is great on land but the wet sand it fails going for excal 11 soon

the 250 is no where deep enough once you,ve ground balanced it all the gain out of it depth means years if you were to think that lets say 20 rings are lost per year after 50 or sixty years of use thats a lot of will keep sinking until it hits hard pack[clay or rocks] fresh dropped rings will sink 100mm in just a few tdi pro is pretty deep but just bought a 16 inch nugget finder coil to get even deeper.the pulse machines take some beating,but the excal is the best of the vlf machines.

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Cheers for that info I’ve only pulled 2 gold and a few silver rings from the sand the rest have been in the grass my plan is to try snorkling our estuary and harbour here in tutukaka with the excel . I’m struggling to find anything on land around here

Best detector ever made.



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Same place this time tried the estuary and a borrowed excal big difference from the 250 one small silver, Aussie penny and a fob watch somehow I mist a cool military badge


Heh - you went a bit mad on that watch - Where’s the hand gone? :wink:
You should’ve been able to get it running I reckon.

Any hallmarks on the back?

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Just a small ingraving (to James cook good luck) lol

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Hi Chris,
I was just looking back at some of the posts and came across this one of yours.
I’ve had a go at this beach a few times in 2014, 2015, 2016 and always got a few bits and pieces.
The annoying thing was when I first went there in 2014 I came across an Austrian guy who was out here for a year in holiday. He was a keen Detectorist and had brought his one out with him. He was just finishing up at the left end of the bay when I got there. He had a lot of coins and a few rings and all manner of other bits and pieces. He reckoned it was a good spot - just a pain he was there a couple of hours before me but that’s the way it goes sometimes.
I gave the beach another going over and still found a few bits and pieces he’d missed so it wasnt a total loss.
Since you are still finding stuff guess it just goes to show how an area can keep producing.

Hi Pat i reckon the beaches will always have a few goodies all it takes is a bit of sand movement and your away the places I hunt have been detected for years yet I still come home with something
This morning the young fella and myself went for a quick 1/2 hr hunt on a popular beach and eyeballed the latest I phone and a purse full of money and cards traced the owner through facebook