More Control in this, the Police Slave State New Zealand

I bet this is something no one on the site knew - and neither did I until today. It is all about control - of course the Gestapo will have plausible and yet shallow escuses.

Its plain and simply a money making exercise for DOC. The Govt is putting pressure on them to partially fund them selves. Note how hut and track fee’s have been rising lately, and also camping fee’s at DOC Camps. When you look at the places they have listed in the Sth Island as permit required, its totally ridiculous. Like the whole of the Buller Gorge. And yet in the Nth Island, no places are listed. So its the tourists they want to fleece, big time. And of course us NZers get caught in their wicked trap too. I had a look at the bit about flying around Marine mammals, Not to fly within 150 feet in all directions. Not to fly in such a way that the shadow of the UAV falls upon the marine mammal. Oh I’m sorry Mr dirty stinkin seal, did my Drone shadow upset you. Report it to DOC. This has only just came out Lammers. I will be flying where ever I want in their bloody estate, it will be catch me if you can… And if you do, I will challenge you in Court. This is all driven by Eugene Sage. DOC Minister. The one that is stopping any form of mining on DOC estate, including Stewardship Land. I was recently reading the DOC statement on pests that need to be eradicated from DOC Estates. The list read in priority as. " Homo Sapiens, Possums, Stoats, Weasels. Rats, Deer goats, Kea’s. To think I was once very pro DOC, a few years back, now very anti. I fly two drones for fishing. I see the beach I use, North Beach Westport is on the list too. Their prob is, they haven’t even done their homework, The beach is not under their control, the DOC, reserve behind it yes, but not the beach. As for the Buller Gorge, Well if I want some scenic shots etc. I will simply use legal road and paper roads. Not under their control. Transit NZ own them. I wonder how a DOC Ranger will feel when a Kamikaze Drone attacks them, with its carbon fibre props spinning at a few thousand rpms. Lol. I will plead temporary loss of control due to malfunctioning electronics. Its only going to get worse Lammers sadly.


Kiwigold - you have brought up some interesting points here and indeed one in particular. Every one with a gps capable drone should use it when ever they can along the paper roads through DoC (Yours and my) estate. Should the servants of evil enforce their policy then let the fun begin.
Their rules have no value what so ever - none - shadows of drones over sea mammals - seals etc. How crazy, how absurd, how pointless. Those who make up these strange rules dont realise that at the end of the day they are merely assisting their masters to shoot themselves in the foot.
Yes it is going to get worse - a lot worse - it makes no sense other than to say that it is all about ‘control’ - enslaving the owners of the land - the people. In 19th century America it was the Indians, in Australia the Aborigines and in New Zealand the Maoris but in 21st Century New Zealand it is the common, ordinary Kiwi citizen.
Yes they do want to fleece the tourists - there should be two charges - one for the tourists and New Zealanders FREE - after all we pay taxes dont we?
I am sure that the bastards foreign bankers call the tune here - I am sure that they intend owning this land - and owning you and I.

It’s because the noise is disturbing the peace when people are out in the national forests eg Fiordland.
Also disconcerting when one is frolicking around the forest in the nude!

FYI the government uses Drones with thermal vision over our national parks :policeman::scream:

I am not surprised - I should imagine that politicians love drones after all they are always droning on.

its all very well running round nude in the bush , but I have a problem with the bush lawyer, stinging nettle, hook grass, and many other things that want to grab me. personally I find the sandflies the worse when im panning in the nude. when dredging there can also be problems especially when using the 8" not so bad on the 2" but then if the water is really cold ???


hope you are careful out there when cutting tracks in the nude,
you might cut the wrong vine.If its real cold you may be mistaken
for a hairy woman


Wonder if doc have warned the seagulls about not letting their shadows upset marine mammals??
As to drone noise disturbing the peace what about all those choppers dumping 1080 on PUBLIC (not doc estate as that implies they own it not us!) land they make a hell of a racket

Yes they are the epitome of hypocrisy - and I am convinced have a hidden agenda - well several - to totally destroy the food source and to control the public for starters - on behalf of the off shore ‘owners’ of NZ - the bankers who control our politicians.

I’ve been mistaken for a pretty bearded lady before, lucky I have some long running legs on me :running_man:t4:
Dunno how people can be so confused about gender - perhaps they are shortsighted!

short sighted on a cold day, long sighted on a hot day

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Have you actually looked at your profile picture lately GoldPandemic!!!!