Moonlight Road conditions

Anyone know what the road into Moonlight Is like at the moment? Particularly the bit after the hairpin bend were ground clearance can be a problem… Have 2wd van

I went up there about a month ago was algood seen a little car in the car park and other non 4x4 the hairpin has a bump or 2 not as bad as I’ve seen it

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pity they dont maintain that road better. ive been a few times and been pretty dodgy in my 2 wd car. last time i didnt even risk going up. was really bad just over the bridge but that was a long time ago.

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I went up.a few hours after posting the question & van bottomed out on the rough bit just after the bend about 1k from the camp… My van is long wheel base bugger all clearance so it was a no go for me… Went to Howard instead :blush: