Moonlight creek open for fossicking?

Went to moonlight creek today, it was deserted, plenty of 1080 bait warnings, what happened to the two guys who where always there?

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huh, was hoping for some company when we go there after christmas…

I came prepared for the usual month stay, 1080 drop was about 6wks ago, nobody has been camping on the grass, even Anton is gone, but no Mark or Martinez, it was pretty spooky, I’m at the blackball community center trying to make sense of it. LOL

I think d.o.c has put a 2 night limit for people who stay there?

Mark was moved down to the forrestry block last time we were there. And Paul found a nugget the day they served him his notice. He called it the “eviction nugget” This was in feb

Doc Website says 4 nights stay only in certified self contained vehicles

They also have issued a pass $170 per year. I think you can stay 2 weeks and out couple days then repeat. Can’t find it on the website at moment

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I think they up slab hut

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I had heard DOC were going to have discount passes for there “Charge for” Camps at the moment you can only get one if your a NZMCA member, If anyone can find it on there Website I would love to know were it is… Moonlight is just a Free Self Contained camping spot tho so you don’t need a pass I doubt they police the 4 Day bit but they can fine you $200 if you camp there in a NON certified Self Contained vehicle :frowning:

Thanks for all the info, found Mark at slab hut and got the goss. LOL .l guess the times have changed not always for the better. Thanks again,

So you can’t camp there, no tent, no dig a hole for a toilet, that general outdoor stuff?

just another shuttle way of closing of our back country . little by little.
go there and have a few beers then when they tell you to move along ,tell doc you cant as you will be drink driving.


that would be an interesting scenario. not a good look if DOC told you to bugger off after a stubbie or 6.

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If its anything like they operate in the North Island they pay a security company to do there dirty work for them and if they cant issue the $200 fine personally or stick it under your wiper blade they just send it to you in the mail, thats what happened to me up the Coromandel recently and my van is Certified self contained I just happened to park a few feet outside there designated zone… its all about revenue collecting these days, you would need to park your car in the car park walk a few miles into a remote part of the bush camp there and hope some do gooder greeny doesn’t dob you in :frowning:

or take the wheels of your car

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Or come back & see your car has been trashed & broken into. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So how long have DOC, Department Of Clowns, had these powers bestowed upon them? :hot_face: :japanese_ogre: Was thinking about going up there over the xmas break. Been over three years since I was up there. Had a coffee of two with Mark & watched Gold Rush Alaska in his solar powered caravan. That was pretty flash for a goldminer up the Moonlight. Big change from his van. :smile:

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Since the Freedom Camping Act came into existence Freedom Camping Act 2011 No 61 (as at 28 October 2021), Public Act Contents – New Zealand Legislation
Mainly a tool the Councils use to collect revenue and upset people but DOC apear to be getting in on the act more and more… I think they would prefer it if we all got on a tour bus in town and went on a guided walk :frowning:

You can park your car and go for a week long hike so I guess if you don’t camp exactly where your car is there can be no problem. Just camp in the bush close by.

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The freedom camping act should be more for the control of irresponsible overseas tourists who abuse our areas and foul our secluded beautiful places knowing it isn’t their back yard & then jump on a plane & fuck off back to where ever they came from. Not caring in the slightest. I am sure the majority of Kiwi’s have a love of these type places & always do the right thing. But of course there are always going to be a minority that have fucked it for the rest of us. As a tax & rate paying Kiwi I feel we should have way more rights & privileges than an overseas tourist. How about the powers to be fine the mongrels that foul our beautiful areas $200 & lay off your every day good citizen kiwi who does the right thing & pays their way through taxes in this country. If they want to control these places & keep them tidy & make a bit of coin, how about putting in a toilet block & drinking water & charge a small fee. Just like the DOC type camp grounds. People bring rubbish in & I am sure they can easily take it out with them. Usually there is way less to take out than they brought in. Is common sense out the window?

We are all losing our freedom more & more by the day & paying to lose it. Thanks to the irresponsible, boths overseas tourist & some kiwis.

JW :cowboy_hat_face:


and thanks to the greenies and doc. they both think they own what WE all own