Molyneux river central otago

hi can any one tell me was the molyneux river part of the clutha, have been reading otago gold rush history, and several articles refer to the molyneux, I just cant see exactly where it refers to

Yes the Molyneux is the Clutha especially down the lower end as the old time whalers and then the settlers called the river and the area surrounding it ‘The Molyneux’ - I would not be totally certain but i think that the name Clutha was bestowed before 1950 when the first Scottish settlers were either about to arrive or had arrived. It is also known by its old original Maori name Mata-Au also Matau.

The name Molyneux was given to an area near the mouth or south of the mouth by Captain Cook and in the earliest days of European exploration Molyneux was applied to the river as well.

From memory I think the name Clutha comes from the old Gaelic name for the river Clyde in Scotland…I might have got that years ago from the book ‘Maoris and Settlers in South Otago - A History of Port Molyneux and Surrounds’ By Fred Waite though am unsure where I learnt that…just one of those things that get stuck in your mind like images of naked girlfriends long gone!.

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hey thanks was getting confusing when searching and nothing comming up certainly some interesting history to be had and some incredible richs , well at todays prices would be anyway

Sadly most are now under meters of silt.