Modern Mining today

Now that the Rush is on, its getting a lot harder to locate unworked ground. The other day I was lucky enough to get onto a paystreak of toilet paper, it was a small deposit but I got enough to pay my way. Tunneling seems the way to go, I really burrow into those supermarket shelves in search of paydirt. On occasions I have had the roof collapse and had to resort to using supports. Hit some good hard rock ground the other day, it was going three loaves to the ton. Currently under claim application. It seems the early bird miners are having much luck, and lazy buggars like me, that leave my prospecting till late are unable to find favourable ground. Soap mining has been difficult with only a little flood soap recovered. Did hit a bit of a bonanza when the Rush started, seems the early miners in their rush to get to the good ground had overlooked good ole sunlight soap which is actually in the laundry section, it was a good pocket until other prospectors hit upon my golden treasure and the vein has now been depleted. Putting on the face mask and doing a little dredging paid of with a small find of noodles, sitting right on bedrock. I hope my fellow prospectors are also finding the odd hidden treasure. Sadly Bailles Irish Cream is non existent unless you live in a licensing trust area. Oh these are hard times indeed.

Cheers Trev aka The Hatter"


Well done - a good entertaining read. I loved it.

Ah…Trev. Have you tried Canterbury Cream. Only $14 a bottle at Henry’s…when it is open. :woozy_face: Not sure about the supermarkets.

If you delve deeper into your crack/crevice…you may find a few shards of toilet paper ripped off & jammed in there. Or deeper into your boil hole. But watch out for muddy bits on the slippery slope & remnant remains of clingon nuggets. :rofl:

Sorry…I am bored shitless (no pun intended) or was it?

JW :cowboy_hat_face: