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Mines in Coromandel

Greenies are going to be spitting!!
Oceania have just purchased a private mine at Broken Hills.
So much for not mining the Coromandel huh lol

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Yes they can f*** up the landscape and you cant pan a colour! Bloody criminal and totally unfair.


Too right mate…Bloody Gorgeous area with massive mining history and relics.
But hey. …Money talks. Crooks for government
Fuck our history and heritage.

Those ‘c’ things you refer to are useful but the only thing the big mining companies are useful for it pillaging the gold and silver that belongs to all New Zealanders with the sanction of crooked departments and politicians. Not the government but the politicians who claim they are the government because they were voted into power by the people but who follow an agenda that is not of the people…if you get the drift.

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Still plenty in the creeks and small tribs to keep a passion alive at least :call_me_hand:

Some real nice bits around if you know the old honey holes…:call_me_hand:

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