Miners pick? Information

Here’s something interesting I bought today at the Riccarton market, I can’t see makers marks or such on it, any info would be appreciated.

Well, it is a miners pick - most likely a coal miner (My Grandfather had one with the exact same head arrangement in the living room in the West Midlands). Age, I’m guessing early 1900’s?? based on his age.

reminds me of ned kelly with his arms stretched out:gun:

Thanks for that. Coal mining didn’t even cross my mind.

That one looks a bit smaller than a ‘universal’ miners pick.
About eight years ago I lost one the same when I accidently left it in the Lindis River at Goodgers Flat.
Very handy picks to have.
I dont know if you can get them now but have every reason to believe that you could get them new fifty years ago as we had half a dozen full size Universal Miners picks with the iron ferrule on the handle.
I do have at least ten heads which I had picked up over the years on the goldfields, lost or left behind by gold miners long gone.

Thanks for that Lammerlaw, do you have a picture and dimensions of a universal miners pick?

I have not got one here because I smashed the handles of all of them but will see whats out at my fathers place as he might still have one or two.
I have plenty of old time miners pick heads but dont know if they were the type with the steel ferrule on them.