Minelab's GPX 6000

Hi Guys, Anybody out there using a Minelab GPX 6000? If so, what are your thoughts? Cheers

JW :cowboy_hat_face:

Its good for a pulse machine. Sensitivity good but its not nearly as sensitive as an Equinox . Where are you based as may do a trip south at some time?

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It’ll never beat the zed with the 8” xcoil for small gold :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: 14” coil on the 6000 seems to run good but lots of complaints about the 11” being very knock sensitive and falsing around emi areas. Also a few guys have had issues with lose cables inside the cpu making it go crazy!
Most Aussie reports find it a step up from the Sdc on deeper small gold though!

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Thank Jon & Gav for your replies. I will PM you both.


John :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi k it’s tonz here I have a gpz 7000 mine lab I’m keen to go golf detecting I’m in karitane but I do week on week off in my job pritty keen to go with someone who has gold detecting experience my cell 0273500012 if you wanna chat ok :ok_hand:

Whoops gold detecting I meant :rofl:

Hi there Tonz. This thread is about the GPX 6000. Not the GPZ 7000 & is about what people who have it think of it. Obviously not many have it, or are not talking about it here in NZ. It is not about the 7000 or you trying to invite yourself along to someone’s already established gold grounds. I don’t mean to be an arse hole but it takes a lot of research & time foot slogging it out in the field chasing up on that research to find where gold might be. I learnt the hard way as I did take a few people out & to cut a long story short, once I had shown them a few spots I never heard from them again & in one instance when I went back to one of those areas here was one of these guys with a couple of his mates. So when I see someone like you asking to go out with someone with experience I cant help but think that your underlying reason is purely to be put on to gold straight away with no effort on your behalf. Sorry if that sounds hard but in my case & experiences that has ALWAYS been the case.
No one helped or took me to “their” gold producing areas, but then I never asked as I understood that is something you don’t do, ask where someone is finding their gold, & expect them to tell you. Kind of a gold miners creed. The best way to learn is to just get out there & do it. Do your own research to find areas where gold has been found before. Keep off claimed ground. Learn your detector inside out & over time you will get more skilled. You may find that detecting for gold isn’t for you.
It isn’t as easy as you may be lead to believe it is or looks. If your motive is to make money from doing it you most likely will be sadly disappointed. Gold doesn’t grow back once found & removed, detecting, & is getting harder to find & getting smaller. The bigger bits are rare these days. Other wise, best of luck to you.

JW :cowboy_hat_face: