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Minelab Vanquish Metal Detector

Just been reading about the vanquish looks like it will put other metal detectors to shame so they say total depth penetrate’s 2 meters light as a feather

Do you have a link for that gem of info Leslie?


Yes I went to orient technology read about it it sounds very interesting game hits the public on Sunday officially

Http:// minelab - vanquish

.Yeaaah…Orient-Tec also sell “long-range” detectors with “2km range and 40m depth” capability.
I’ll wait for Minelab for my info on this one I think.

Most detectors will do 2m if the target is ugly enough. I did 1m with my AT Pro which turned out to be an engine block (And not a cache as I hoped)

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Did you back fill your hole MW :slight_smile:


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Well it said on the site about the vanquish I just thought you may have been interested

@Metalkiwi I’ll own up and say “Mostly”. In my defence it’s in a block of commercial pines and the only neighbours are wild pigs… Did I tell you about the time I pitched into a, and I kid you not, 1.5m trench dug in the beach by hyperactive kids? Serves me right for detecting the big tides by starlight on the beach :laughing:


Found this link

Cant comment further as not officialy released…its a bit ugly though😨

Seems there are 3 models 340 440 540 pro

Minelab site now released to public. There are 4 models. From what I’ve read…ONLY the coil is waterproof. Soooo much hype over new models aimed at the lower levels of all round detecting. I would say even though the AT Pro is older, it would still go head to head no problems. The new Nokta Makro Simplex being released at Detectival sounds a better deal. Just my opinion for now until users feedback trickles in. Still reckon its ugly! Reminds me of the Garrett Ace housing on a Go Find stalk…colour a bit over the top too…lets wait and see.:scream:

P.S…just found this video link to the Simplex…:rofl::rofl::rofl:…lammerlaw will love this!!! (Not the detector…the mermaid) What a great marketing feat!!!

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Dammit she’s got a top on…cheating. My hyperactive brain is wondering how mermaids have merkids but in any case you take the detector and I will have the mermaid as my inquiring mind is curious.

Lol…it is said that Exploration is in our DNA!!! Prob time better spent tnan fixing Russian ladies beds…:rofl::rofl::rofl:…maybe MUDwiggle???

I guess your big into exploration…a man of the world as they say. I must have missed out on something and had had a wasted life. Let me assure you that fixing Russian ladies beds could lead to a great deal of exploration if one was so inclined.

Seen it on Jacobs digital priced at 679 for the 540 metal detector