Minelab Vanquish 2019

Fresh from the DetectNZ Newsdesk

Looking forward to this new machine.


I’m guessing it’s going to have super duper discrimination tech

Love the video.
So it’s just a big interstellar electromagnet :joy:
I don’t want to “unearth 2019” - 1919, yes.

Be interesting to see what ML have actually done with this (they’re getting almost as bad as Apple with the frequent product releases…) Maybe they’ve cracked that grail of a micro-disc setting that will finally filter out that elusive threshold between ali and auriferous.

EDIT: Ha! Go and make a cuppa and Gavin pips me ! Fair play to you, Sir.

I am guessing the release will be revealed at Detectival 2019 held Sept 14th and 15th this year in Oxfordshire, Minelab being the principal sponsor. We can all salivate just knowing they have 1000 acres with 600 undetected acres this year to do! Treasures of History we can only dream of.

I’m with Gavin on his guess…considering Detectival is not at the beach. Discrimination and Depth is the ask…in saying that, I am too old to be digging numerous over 12 inch holes!

WHAT current model the Vanquish will replace is anybody’s guess as Minelab responds to the market end users by coming out with newer models, chips etc. Possibly a clue will be a price drop just before release. ALWAYS though…the hype FIRST, then release. Competition from other brands is ramping up…Nokta, Deus, Fisher, etc etc…GREAT for us…not so good for the pocket though…and the nostalgic looks at our collections as the years go by, then the reduction of!!!

The dealers are bound to secrecy, or lose their dealership…guage their excitement perhaps!!!

One thing for sure…it won’t be a BFO!!! (to those who remember them, and since embraced new technology) …although there were more targets to be had then.

I’m pleased I held off getting a Z, bet this is going to be the game changer.