Minelab service centre for new zealand


For all who haven’s seen our post on FB yet:

We are very pleased to announce that Minelab has established an Authorised Service Centre in New Zealand.

A & E Electronics Ltd
Level 1, 184 Shaw Avenue
New Brighton
Christchurch 8083
Ph: 03 372-1213
Email: service@aeelectronics.co.nz

A&E can be contacted for both warranty and non warranty repairs.


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Fantastic news!
Thanks for the heads up Dan. :+1:

Do you happen to know if they do third party mods like KellyCo? eg Grey Ghost phones

Hi Pete,

Unfortunately not, but you’re most welcome to call them directly to see what can be and what can’t be done.



That’s handy to have.

Hi Pete, I’m here with Jason from Minelab and he’s informed me that he’s just been to A&E to do the formal training and they were waiting for parts and instructions on how to handle enquiries and repairs. I have passed your querie and your email address on to him and he will be in touch with you.
Sometimes good things take a bit longer.
Thanks for your patience.

Ah, okay.
I thought they were already up and running.

All good. :+1:

Great News Dan - :slight_smile:

Will have to call in for a cold one each time I head through to the service center to replace the batteries - lol - any excuse aye :wink:

Do that but make sure you come late in thee afternoon so I can have one too :wink::beers: