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Minelab SDC 2300 Backpack Deal

Any SDC 2300 owners looking for a cool backpack for their machine should
check out this offer today.

Backpack Details here


Hey Chris, Got any dimensions? Is it a fully soft pack, or does it have some sort of ‘firm’ support for the back?

Is the inside partitioned at all?

Did you see this link Mud.±+Black/x_sku/01423.html

The internal dimensions of the main space is about 20cm x 7cm x 40cm long and is made to fit an SDC2300 folded up but it could just be used as a day pack with two zippered pockets. Quite a smart unit really.


Yep, been to the link, although it only had one profile pic which is why I asked for the dimensions.
Was just sizing up for another machine.