Minelab Manticore

Anyone know much about the new Minelab Manticore detector getting released? I’m assuming it’s an all-round machine that may have some improvements over the Nox 800?

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Nice looking screen set up

I just saw the uk release video, looks good. 50% more power than nox, lighter, faster response. Bigger frequency range.
Could be a fun if we don’t get raped with covid tax retail is $1599 usd

I’m guessing it’ll have a gold mode too then.

It does have a gold mode yep.

It will be interesting to see how it does on the gold, if it can outperform the Nox and Gm on those small pieces, if It can I might be picking one up, but if not probably not.

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I’ve been looking at this too as I’m thinking Nox 800 or Maybe the Legend - Legend seems a little jittery so I’ll most likely go with the Nox… Anyways Manticore so far only has one Prospecting mode and doesn’t have a 6" coil listed as accessories. Apparently with the extra juice to the coil stability was a challenge for the engineers which might make beach and gold complicated. Still early days and if these things are sorted by release It looks like they will be very impressive.