Minelab gold detector price rise

Hey all,

Heard through the grapevine that the Monster 1000, and SDC2300 are going up in price soon and the very popular GPX4500 is getting discontinued (again)

I’ll post the official statement when it gets released but if you’re thinking about getting a new monster now might not be the time to put it off.

I guess other companies may follow suit given the current gold value and forecast futures, enticing more people to purchase a detector Darren

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Reeds in WA have slashed the price on the GPX4500 with a large bundle of extras down to $3650 all in and have increase the GPX5000 price so maybe something is up!!

Interesting, I know of a pro detectorist that has a 4500. He’s owned and sold GPZ and swears by the 4500. I should add that he detects in creeks. Which most people in Nz do. If I had to buy another detector it would be the equinox 800. While the sdc is very good it has capabilities that are largely under utilised in our mild soils.

The trend is the opposite of what Minelab is doing. The trend is to more detectors with high end features at an entry level price! Just wait a few weeks for the Nokta Simplex metal detector.

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I got mine for less than that from CWPS in Mudgee, with an EVO 14x9" thrown in … but yeah, definitely good buying when you compare them to 5000 prices.

Retailers are running out the 4500, they will not be getting any more units.