Minelab excel question

Hi guys I’m looking at a Excalibur on trade me what I’m after is a detector that I can use snorkling in about 1 1/2 mtre salt water would like here pros /cons from anyone using one cheers

Probably nothing better as the Excal is good to 60ft.
Note that it can have an 8" or 10" coil. I have only ever sold the 10"


Thanks for that the one I was looking at had a 8 and they are asking $1400 from what i can see it’s a fair price

At that depth, rather than snorkel, I wear a mask and a 30lb weight belt - and walk
When you get your target, just kneel down and fan the sand away.

(The standard yellow Koss phones have a tendency to float off your head when you submerge so a simple chin strap helps.
Waddling down the beach with the weightbelt on you’ll look like a dork anyway, so what the hell :smiley: )

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Did you see the 10" for sale on TM?

Hi Chris, have you also considered buying new? Of course it is a bit more expensive than the $1,400 for the second hand one on TM but at least you get a full year warranty on control box and coil. A factor I believe should be taken into account when purchasing an underwater detector. If you would like to have a chat about this, please feel free to give us a call.