Millerton, West Coast

Hey there guys, It’s been some time since I have had the opportunity to post on here. I have not been out for a fossick for well over a year. I am heading up to stay in Millerton at the end of the month for Waitangi weekend.

I was just inquiring to see what the access is like up Stoney and Brittania creeks in the public fossicking area? any other hints or tips for this area (apart from the obvious of 10litres of bug spray!!) what is the gold like in this fossicking area? This is one public area that I have not visited yet and really keen for a look.

What other exciting adventures can be had around this small town. Is there any other good areas to have a dig and sluice around Millerton? I see there is not any claims on the claim map around there, does that mean there is no gold flowing in that particular area?
Any advice would be much appreciated. Nice to see some of the other members finds for the start of the year.

Thanks, Tane.

hi tane
phone me on 03 7828955 when you get here I live in hector about 2km up the road . ill put you onto a couple of good spots . if I’m doing nothing ill take you out for a walk gold guarantied

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Thanks heaps for that kiwikeith. I will give you a call closer to the time. Got a holiday house for 3 nights in millerton. Keen for a good explore around that area. It was a pitty we couldn’t get to your claim in springs junction, that labour weekend a few years back, when it pissed down rain all weekend! Still got a few specks that time and it was a pleasure to meet you all the same. Look forward to meeting up again soon. Tane

Cheers for the Cuppa and Sharing some of your knowledge and stories on the weekend Keith. Next time I come your way I will fly solo and come out for an adventure with you. I ended up spending that sunny Sunday, sprawled out on the beach with a beer, watching the kids swim and play. We spent our afternoon in this lovely little town called Hector!!!

Hope you did well on your little adventure that day, got some gold and got your beetroot planted?!!

Thanks again, see you next time.


hi tane
well what a better way to spend a nice day on the coast.
I went to go up the hill but the car club had a hill climb on so had the road closed off so just came home and played in the garden.
might go for a walk in the morning cut a track into a nice valley for the roar make life a little easier.
all the garden up to date just dug the spuds and ready to plant more stuff. the digging just gets you fit for digging in the river
any time you want a trip you know where I am cleaned the landie this morning so it should be ready to get it dirty again. anyone else want to share my secret spot on the coast where when you sit on the beach you will be sitting on gold hidden in the black sand.
bugger you didn’t think of that did you tane
cheers keith