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Might be the best condition coin ive found

hi all,beaches are yust getting back to detectable stomes coming through dumping sand up the beaches now got a chance in the two 50% shillings ss ring and this beauty 1922 sixpence only 1.4 mill minted,how incredible its in this condition the black sand saved it,have to get in the water here forecast for 39 deg tomorrow,beyond hot…IMG_1767IMG_1768


That’s a superb sixpence Roy well done. HH & GL.

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Very nice Roy. A few on Ebay asking good prices

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its on there right now let you know how it goes.

Great condition from out of the tide! Good luck with the auction.
(Got a link? I’d be keen on watching how it goes)

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Good luck on auction Roy hope you get that price

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got to be in to win its below book.

Funny thing catalogue prices…if I get half I’m happy, not to mention the touchy subject of grading.

Just having something for sale that you can keep an eye on is exciting on its own. Good luck Roy hope you get whatever your asking.

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